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Team Training and First Aid Course.

Whilst some Team Members were updating their First Aid qualifications this weekend, other Team Members were training in our area “bubbles”. The East side were

Call Out Glen Tilt.

Call Out 12/21: Call Out late Sunday night, early Monday morning to the Glen Tilt area for a mountain biker with a leg injury. We


Call Out Mayar 4th April 2021

Call Out 11/21: After our three location “socially distanced”’monthly training sessions, we had a call out to Mayar this evening. Conditions were particularly challenging and


Call Out 03/2019. Ben Vrackie.

Call Out 03/2019: Team Call Out to Ben Vrackie yesterday afternoon responding to a casualty with a traumatic injury. We wish the casualty a speedy


PPE Inspection Course.

A PPE Inspection Course was held at our St. John’s Blairgowrie Base on Sat 6th April, looking at equipment and how to identify issues and